animala is a bunch of animals in a big group

Chordate chordates are animals who are either vertabras or even close to invertabras they are also treated phylum and have a short life cycle cord but no brain
chordates have produced several hypnesses

Riptiles riptiles are some animals that are air-breathing but mostly and generally their usuall cold-blooded animals animals who are (crociddles,caminas,and alligators sphendotia (tuarters) squamanta like (lizards,snakes,worm snakes) who have over 7,900 species turtles and torties 300 species and some cold-blooded animals have scales on their skin
squamanta or the scaled reptiles or the large and most recent order of reptiles like lizards and snakes their distinguished of their skin made of scale of shields the upper jaw is the brain case

Special Features the chameleon is a lizard it has a tongue that can stretch out and it changes colors sometimes it camouflages so that the species can't see it
this chameleon tries to survive by eating bugs,bugs like crickets and flies and other insects they try to survive by changing colors like pink ,blue,red,orange,
light blue,yellow,and even turquoise the chameloen also has a curled tail and is sometimes colorful.