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Cool.pngAwsomeness.pngexternal image rbc.jpg Blood cells!
The cassowary has the following cells: Eye cells, ear cells, nose cells, blood cells, hair cells, bone cells, brain cells, skin cells, nail cells, toungue cells, saliva cells, heart cells, fat cells, vein cells, cappilary cells, artery cells, liver cells, stomach cells, other organ cells, tissue cells, immune system cells, DNA cells, hormone cells, lung cells, nerve cells, and probably a bunch more, which I will write down after I find out which ones. :)



Growth.pngexternal image plant-growth.jpg Hurry up and grow you stinkin' bean!
The‚Äč EGG-> egg.jpgThe CHICK-> baby_cassowary.jpg, and now... da da da da....DRUMROLL!!!! The fully grown, adult sized, totally awsome and Austrailian bird, which is known as the Cassowary!!!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) adult.jpg:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Reep.pngexternal image adoptpet-reproduce.gif It says :One year multipiled by the offspring having offspring will produce several thousand young cats in only seven years.
First the cassowary lays an egg->egg2.jpg, then the egg hatches into a chick->chick2.jpg, it's technicaly the same thing as what other birds do, soo........ yeahh.....go on to the response section.........

Responsew.pngh.pngIt says: LOST DOG, responds to an electric can opener.
Cassowaries are mean and scary! They will technicaly respond to anything! They also hate everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! They even hate trees, TREES PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! They are murderous and eat A LOT, considering that they kill like everything, especially things that are a nuisance to them, and that a lot af things are edible. So basicly, when something is annoying to them, they will go after it at full speed and devour that poor, unlucky creature, unfortunate enough to cross its path :( .
But remember, they will only eat their kill if it's edible, and they love to eat berries, small mammals and reptiles!!!
Kunfu_cassowary.jpg The Cassowary is on the right, he is trying to kick the man on the left.

So here is the end of the main part of my page, ONLY THE MAIN PART, there is more info if you are willing to scroll own, BUT, that's not my point. We have come to the conclusion of the 4 characteristics of this animal, and that these birds are
violent, vicious, homicidal, extremely fat, and can weigh up to 130lb/60kg.
The cassowary has a crest on its head (which I will talk about later) which makes it the only armored bird in the world! The crest is a useful adaption because in the thick forests that they live in, they can use the crest on the top of their head to charge through. Cassowaries have strong and powerful legs that allow them to run up to 48 km/h and lets them jump to up to 5 feet in the air! This is a very useful because they need to hunt down prey, and run from predators. Their middle toe on each foot is a dagger like toe, giving them protection and making them a formidable foe. Their coarse black feathers are an adaptation to the thick vegetation in the rain forest in which they live in. A behavior would be that during the time from May to June, a bunch of cassowaries would gather together and breed.

1.)The Cassowary lives in New Guinea and also in Northen Queensland, Daintree
Forests and Cairns.
2.)There are only 1500 cassowaries left in the wild!!!!!!!!!!! :(
3.)They are flightless birds.
4.)They are super speedy! They can run up to 48km/h!!!!!!!!
5.)There are 3 types of cassowaries: 1->The Southern/Austrailian/double-watted Cassowary. 2->The Dwarf cassowary. And finally 3-> The Northern Cassowary.
6.)Even though they are aggresive, they are rather shy birds.
7.)They have 3 toes on each foot, like the average bird does, but the middle toe is
10-12cm long!!!!
8.)Only one kick from a cassowary's foot can kill you!!!!
9.)It is the 3rd largest bird in the world.
10.)The female cassowary is bigger and fatter then the male cassowary.
11.)As you know, they eat berries, small mammals and reptiles and lots of other things.
12.)The shelter is something you will find out later.
12.)It drinks water just like any other bird does, through it's beak.
13.) For air it BREATHES! Facinating isn't it? Jk jk, and for those who doesn't know what jk means, it means joking. :)
14.)The new born chick usually grows up with the male cassowary because if a female cassowary is given the chance, it will just go up and kill it!!
15.) Cassowaries are super awsome swimmers! With a big help from their super huge feet!
16.) Cassowaries play a HUGE role in Northern Austrailia and New Guinea, becausethey dispearse about 150 different knids of seeds all around.
17.)The scientific classification:

It is an animal because it is multicellular and feeds off of other living things.
It has a backbone/spine.
Aves means bird, and a cassowary is a bird.
Casuariiformes is a ratite bird order, including cassowararies and emus.

Is the name of the family of cassowaries.
It is the type and sole of the casuariidae:cassowary.
Southern: Casuarius casuarius, Norhtern: Casuarius unappendiculatus, Dwarf: Casuarius bennetti

The cassowary is a rather odd bird, because when it sees prey it runs toward them, then a jumps then kicks at them with both of their feet.
They also have soft, spongy, but horny crests on their heads that help them push through dense forest vegetation and they are a source of protection for these birds, they are called casques. ->casque.jpg
In some places, cassowaries are used as money!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$
They also live for a extremely long time, extremely long for animals that is, they can live up to 60 years! They have the most dangerous attacks of all of it's fellow birds, I mean just look at those feet!!!foot.jpg. It likes to live in wet tropics, woodlands, melaleuca swamps, mangroves, or even beaches! beach.jpgCassowaries have cousin birds such as the emu, the ostrich, the rhea, and the kiwi. For your information, the kind of kiwi I'm talking about is not that green ovalish fruit that you eat, I'm talking about another flightless bird. ->kiwi.jpgLook at the size of that beak!!!!!!!!!!Now an not so awsome fact. There are only 1500-3000 cassowaries left in the whole entire world!
:( x 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

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