Blueshark Grow and develop

Size Blue sharks can reach maximum lengths up to 3.8 m. Average-sized sharks are smaller, more like 1.8 to 2.4 m. A blue shark weigt is 200kg.

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air- The blue shark does not need air because it is able take oxgyen out of the water.

food - Blue sharks eat fish and squid but also their eat small shark,seabirds, garbage that are floating in the sea.

water- The blue shark does not need water because it live in the water so it does not need water.

shelter- The blue shark is found all over the world in temperate and subtropical. Their are found at the surface down to 350kg.


The mating ritual for blue sharks is very interesting. Some watching it may consider the male to be extremely aggressive. He will be biting hard on the female but it doesn’t hurt her. The skin of females is three times thicker than the male. The biting is done to allow the mating to be completed. It is a type of grip so the two don’t separate before the sperm has been placed inside of the female.

one are more cells

Bluesharks have blood,eye cells,blue cells, they also have fin cells.

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