The black footed ferret is an endangered animal in North America. They became extinct in Canada in 1937 and were classified as endangered in the us in 1967.
The last known population was taken into captivity in 1985, a few years after they were discovered in Meeteetse, Wyoming and were re-introduced to parts of it's former habitat.
These poputlations were currently called an "ASTONISHING COMEBACK".


One or more cells: The North American prairie animal has a furry 15-cm long tail
They have white fur at the base but dark at the tip making it appear a yellowish-brown overall
They have black feet that starts at the hip
They have a distinctive black face-mask
They are nocturnal and have good eyesight.

Reproduce: Ferret mating seasons starts from March-april.
The gestation of the kits usually lasts 41-43 days.

Grow/Develop: There 1-7 kits born but commonly 3-4