The Bald Eagle andexternal image cooltext473019617.png
The Bald Eagle is a unique eagle to North America. They found in North America throughout Alaska,Canada,to northern Mexico. About half of the world's bald eagle (70,000) lives in Alaska and in British Columbia with the population of 20,000. They live near these place is for salmon. Dead or dying fish is a important resource for all bald eagle. Also remember the bald eagle is the national symbol for America.

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The Four Characteristics of The Bald Eagle
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  1. fur cell
  2. teeth cell
  3. eye cell
  4. claws cell
  5. feather cell
  1. Build their stick nest in tall trees or on cliffs near large body of water.
  2. The female lays 1-3 eggs a usual size of two eggs.
  3. The eggs are incubated for about 35 days
  4. The young eagle fledge (eagle baby) are to be incubated 10-12 weeks after hatching.
  5. Bald Eagles become sexually mature at 5-6 years with maturity usually corresponding to when their head and tail become white.

picture shown in the left below might be mom nursing.

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  1. responds when predator comes(shown on top right)
  2. the bald eagle catching predator.
How the Bald Eagle survives.
List of thing they need to survive.

  1. air
  2. food.scroll (top for more info about the food they eat.)
  3. they need shelter.

The classification of the bald eagle.
meaning-bald eagle has a backbone(vertebrate)
meaning-the animal has backbone which comprises with the birds.
meaning-family of small to large birds with strongly hooked bills and variable morphology based on diet.
meaning-diurnal(animals that live in the day)birds of prey.

meaning-sea eagle
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Average life span in wild:till 28 years
Size:Body,86-109 cm,wingspan,6-8 ft
Weight:3-6.5 kg
Has 7,000 feathers and of course they're waterproof.
Why the bald eagle is the Animalia kingdom?
It's in the Animalia kingdom because they are multicellular and they have to go get their food in the wild.

Why is the bald eagle phylum Chordata?
The bald eagle's phylum is the Chordata is because they have backbone.

Why is the bald eagle in the Aves class?
The reason why the bald eagle is in the Aves class is because all the birds have a backbone.

Why is the bald eagle in the Accipitriformes order?

The bald eagle is in Accipitriformes order is because it typically has a sharp hooked beak.

Why is the bald eagle in the Accipitridae family?

The Accipitridae family is birds from small to big with strongly hooked bills and variable morphology based on diet.

Why is the bald eagle Genus is Haliaeetus?

The bald eagle Genus is the Haliaeetus is because of any bird that feed on fish are in that group.

The bald eagle's wings are long and broad making them effective for soaring. To help reduce the bald eagle's flying turbulence as wind passes the bald eagle,the tips of the wings at the end are tapered so when the eagle's wings are fully extended, the tips are separated. They can also fly at the altitude of 10,000 feet and can fly up to 30-35 mph.
The tail is very important while in the flight. While the bald eagle is flying,the tail feather spread in order for to attain the largest surface. It also helps brake the eagle when landing and assist during for a dive or to the prey.
The Beak
The bald eagle's hook at the tip is for tearing,behind the hook,the upper mandible(the jaw or lower jawbone in what mammals and fishes have)is sharp enough to slice through strong skin which create a scissor type of thingy. The bald eagle's beak is a strong weapon but also for to groom a mate's feathers and a small portion to new hatch chick.
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Overall,the must important hunting device and defense is their claws. Eagles kill their prey with their claws too.
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How the bald eagle adaptations help them survive?

Bald eagle's feather grow bigger(also known as the word fluff) in the winter to help them survive and in the spring and summer it has regular feathers but in fall it feather starts to become fluff again. is a picture of a female and a male.