Name: Date:
Travel Time!! Actual budget Check!

Directions: Decide where you would like to travel (country). Go to Click on the VACATION button. Choose destination (scroll down until you find country). For date of travel, choose any time in the summer (July or August). Your vacation needs to be 1-2 weeks for North America trips, and 2-3weeks for trips further abroad. Select 1 adult, then hit search. Scroll through options, can find out more about hotel by clicking on “hotel details” or flight info, by clicking “verify”. Once you find a vacation you like, fill in the following information.

Part 1:
Vacation Destination: Barcolona
Date for Travel: A
ugust 2
Duration of Trip: _
Total Cost of iTravel 2000 package (inc taxes)
Part 2:
Does it include all meals? Yes No
If yes, add $100 for total trip for times you will eat elsewhere.
If no, add $30 per day for food.
Part 3:
Spending Money (sightseeing, adventures and shopping…)
Add $200-400 per week
Part 4:
Total budget (vacation budget+ food+ spending money)
= _

Turn page over…

If you were able to save $50/month in your “travel budget”, how many months would it take to save for your trip? __months

Please answer the following thoughtfully and in complete sentences. This section is being marked on your reflections…