The African Penguin is also known as the Black Footed Penguin.It is found on the South Coast of Africa. The African Penguin is a medium sized penguin, and it only breeds in Africa.

Does it have one or more cells?
Yes it does have more than one cell, it has, Skin cells, Eye Cells, Brain cells, Claw cells, ect.
Does it Respond?
Yes it does respond, it responds if a predator tries to invade the male penguins nest, it will approach with a "HONK"!
Does it Reproduce?
Yes the African Penguin does reproduce. The male Penguin, finds a female penguin,by making donkey like sounds, then they have babies.
Do they Grow and Develope?
‚ÄčYes African Penguins do grow and develop, for example, when penguins hatch, they do not have any feathers, but when they become an adult they grow, feathers.


  • The Africa Penguin is multicellular and it eats living things.
  • The African Penguin is a Chordata because it has a spine, in otherwords a backbone.
  • The African Penguins class is an Aves, because it has wings and it lays eggs, and it has a backbone.
  • The African Penguin is an Sphenisciformes, it is a bird with wings but cant fly and swims instead.
  • The African Penguin's family is Sphenisciformes, which is the excact definition as the Sphenisciformes.
  • The African Penguins genus is Spheniscus, because they have black and white spots, and they make donkey calls tto communicate.
  • The African Penguins species is the S. demersus.

  • African Penguins, adapt to their environment by using different parts of their bodies, for example in the water they use their flippers to move around. Also when the Penguins get very hot, they have pink glands above their eyes, where the blood gets sent to, to cool them down.